Honduras is a mountainous land in the center of Central America with coastal plains on the Caribbean and touching the Pacific Coast. It is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and for several years Honduras has been declared the most dangerous country on earth.

In 1998, super-hurricane Mitch destroyed 60% of the country’s infrastructures, killing 11,000 people and the country is still suffering the effects of this devastation. Unemployment is 51-60%. Civil Wars in neighboring countries have greatly affected this small country with none of the rebuilding efforts afforded their neighbors. Recent political problems, especially the 2009 Coup and continuing unstable government, make progress difficult.

The Honduran people are climbing a great hill. They are making progress, but struggle with day to day life. These people need encouragement, and it is Tim and Jaclyn’s desire to help them by walking alongside them where they live.

Welcome to Adelante Honduras: “The Heart of the Community”

Tim and Jaclyn Horan are serving in La Esperanza, Intubića, Honduras. This is a mountainous community reaching 5,200 feet above sea level making it the highest city in Honduras. The city has about 14,000 people. The area has two seasons: May to October is the rainy, winter season and November to April is the dry, summer season. The city and its surrounding area has a large population of an indigenous people called Lenca which is true of the whole country. They have lived in this city and the surrounding community for the past five years.

They have served in Honduras since 2004. Prior to coming to this area, they lived in Azaculpa, Santa Barbara, Honduras. While there, they taught classes in computer, health awareness education, cooking, wood working skills to those in the community. This not only was an educational opportunity, but a bridge builder as well. Seeing men bound by a wheelchair and begging was an opportunity for Tim to teach these men woodworking skills to make wooden toys to be sold, so they could provide for their families. Seeing the needs of young men and women gave them opportunity to mentor them not only in teaching them in life skills, but mentoring them in life as well.

Working with Handicapped Men

In La Esperanza, Tim and Jaclyn continue their efforts to serve the community by concentrating on loving those disenfranchised by the local community through Adelante Honduras, “the heart of the community.” They offer assistance to empower the Lenca women with training and developing products for expanding their business opportunities while being there for them in friendship.

Lenca Women Making Jewelry at Adelante Honduras

They continue to provide a variety of services for the poorest of the poor, reaching out and loving those considered unlovable. Providing food supplements for several children unable to eat normal food is changing their lives. This makes a huge difference in their quality of life and health. These homes are also being provided with food regularly. They will hire local people for projects they are involved in. This helps the local economy and the people in it. Along with this, you will see them driving down the road bringing these people to the doctors or hospital. They have also worked alongside a NGO (non-governmental organization) to build a house for a man and his thirteen year old daughter living in a broken down shack giving them a safe place to live.

Serving the Community: Building an Aquaponics System for Growing Food

Another way Tim and Jaclyn help encourage and strengthen the people of Honduras and the community of La Esperanza is consulting with a local farmer to bring sustainable solutions for growing food, organizing NGO’s and local leaders to assist the people of their communities, bring in people for specialized training for the local NGO’s in the farming techniques of aquaponics and areas of chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Many Honduran women suffer from issues related to panic and anxiety.

In the Mountains: Building a House for Father, Daughter, and Grandson

Encouraging the people to continue their education is a huge stepping stone for the future of Honduras. Teaching classes in English and other subjects in a local school has been an effort they have made to help young boys and girls learn the skills they will need to be successful when they leave school.

Jaclyn Teaching 5th Graders English at Local School

Adelante Honduras headed by Tim and Jaclyn Horan is making a difference in the people of Honduras by serving them in many ways. Without their support and encouragement, these people would continue to fight an uphill battle with very little hope. Yet, their involvement has provided more opportunities for the people and surrounding communities of La Esperanza to be successful while helping in stabilizing the effects of poverty on these impoverished people and giving them hope for their future.