Tim and Jaclyn Horan are serving in Azaculpa-Santa Barbara, Honduras.  They have served in Central America for over six years, during 2004 to present and are currently full time in Honduras.

Honduras is a mountainous land in the center of Central America with coastal plains on the Caribbean and touching the Pacific Coast. It is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with the second fastest growing AIDS epidemic.  For several years Honduras has been declared the most dangerous country on earth.

In 1998 super-hurricane Mitch destroyed 60% of the country’s infrastructures, killing 11,000 people and the country is still suffering the effects of this devastation. Unemployment is 51-60%. Civil Wars in neighboring countries greatly affected this small country with none of the rebuilding efforts afforded their neighbors. Recent political problems, especially the 2009 Coup and continuing unstable government makes progress difficult.

The Honduran people are climbing a great hill.  They are making progress but they are defeated.  There is success to be had on just the other side, but they are weary. Tim and Jaclyn desire to help them ‘OVER THE TOP’.  They need encouragement.  It is their lives, their success, but they can walk alongside, they can provide skills and love, and what is most important… encouragement.

In Azaculpa Tim and Jaclyn are concentrating on serving and loving those disenfranchised by the local community through a Community Center.  They offer a variety of skills classes to empower them to make a difference; while being there for them in friendship.  Encouraging them to continue their education is a huge stepping stone for the future of Honduras.  They have a Computer Learning Center that generous donors have supplied through “Progress Tools”.  Cooking, sewing and exercise classes for the women; which opens them up to new experiences as well as providing valuable life skills and health awareness education.  Tim teaches wood working and toy making skills to the teen boys and men. This is not only an educational opportunity but a bridge builder as well.  The doors to the center remain open to allow time to explore social skills and give a greatly needed safe place to just have fun.

They also have a variety of services for the poorest of the poor, reaching out and loving those considered unlovable.  Serving the handicapped, feeding children and families bound by illness, providing wheelchairs and crutches when needed.  Providing food supplements for several children unable to eat normal food is changing their lives.  They found a local nurse that will be administering aid to the wheelchair and bed bound men they serve.  They were surviving on a few catheters a year… and are now able to provide them with new sterile catheters every two weeks.  This makes a huge difference in their quality of life and health.  These homes are also being provided with food regularly.