Nicaragua: Media

Visiting Cane Creek: Cane Creek is just southwest of the village of Bankukut. We visited farms up the creek. My Rama friends tell me that this is the first time anyone has filmed the place. They produce cocoa, corn, cane, and other crops there. For me, our journey up Cane Creek was a deep spiritual experience that I will never forget.  I heard the song Creere on the radio when we were in Managua.  The song stuck in my head and for me it became attached to the Cane Creek experience and the whole trip in general.

Visiting Victor and Ervin’s Farm: In this video, we visit Victor and Ervin’s Farm. You will see the well that was dug in one day by five men. Also, you will see the preparation of planting a new crops and swimming by the children.

Students Examining Local Water: In this video, Esther Gordon watches over her students from Rama as they examine local water. 

Saw Mill in Rama: This short video shows the operation of the sawmill operating. It is a blessing to the Rama people. 

The above pictures are images of those people, places, and activities I experienced while visiting in the cities or areas surrounding Managua, Esteli, Matagalpa, Rama Cay, Bankukuk, and Cane Creek on a trip to Nicaragua in 2011. They will give you a small idea about the country and its people that I have fallen in love with.