>Travel tips for Northerners in Nicaragua

>1. The temperature is around 80 degrees F night and day with high humidity so light clothing is best. Jeans are fine for Nicaraguans but too hot for most northerners. A number of clothing manufacturers make clothing specifically for the tropics. Some like Ex Officio is even insect repellent. This kind of clothing can be rinsed and then you can wear it until it dries.
2. Bring a water filter if you don’t want to have to buy a lot of bottled water.
3. Bring your own pfd if you want to travel on the water with Rama folks.
4. Bring sheets but *don’t* bring a sleeping bag. You can leave the sheets with your host when you leave.
5. When you come to Rama Cay, bring medical supplies and leave them at the clinic on the island. Even simple first aid supplies are very valuable.
6. Rosetta Stone is very nice software for learning spanish.
7. Bring a notebook computer that is outdated but still running well and give it to a school, a teacher, or a student.
8. Bring extra shoes to give away.
9. Watch where you step. Fire ants are common and they really feel like fire when they bite.

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