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Thats Rama Cay Creole for “we made it”. It was a successful trip. Freddy and Wilma and their friends have established a wonderful work with the children in a poor barrio in Managua. It was humbling and moving to stand in front of their church and to visit families in the neighborhood. We arrived at Rama Cay on the “water plane” by the “God light”. Ervin and his family have a wonderful new home for their extended family on Rama Cay. All of the laptops and microscopes made it to their intended destinations. Esther gave a talk about cells and how to use the microscopes. One of the students took a cup of water from their well and found a lot of life in it to their surprise. The nurse at the clinic told us that the microscope would enable them to do many tests at the clinic and save them having to take a long trip to the nearest city on the mainland. I gave a talk on computers and computer applications. Now the students will be able to learn computer skills “hands on”. Kevin taught guitar and gave some instructions on how to restring the guitars. We purchased a new whiteboard, markers, and erasers for the school while we were in Bluefields. We also purshased another law book that Jimmie needed for his law studies. We have established some very close relationships in Managua and in the Rama Territory. Thanks to the hospitality of our wonderful hosts we only stayed in a hotel for one night. The other nights we got to be a part of their lives and their homes.

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