good article about Bankukut and the Chinese Canal proposal

Bankukut Canal Proposal article For decades the Rama have been threatened by the eastern migration of the mestizos, Nicaragua’s majority ethnicity, who have been cutting down forests in the indigenous territory to build cattle ranches. Now the Rama worry this new threat — what the president of Bangkukuk called “the millionaire monster” — will force […]

sawmill is on it’s way to Bluefields

Many thanks to the donors stepping up to help us with sustainable sawmill project for the indigenous Rama People of Nicaragua. We will be on-site in Rama Territory in a little over a week. We still need more funds for this project.  Taxes, shipping, and customs fees cost over $5,000 USD.

Rama Cay Sawmill Project Status

The sawmill is nearly fully funded now. We are discussing possibly installing the mill later this summer or fall.  We want to thank the generous donors who are making this project possible for a wonderful, community minded family on Rama Cay.

Sawmill for Rama Cay family

The sawmill project is progressing. Hud-Son Forest Equipment ( has offered us a 25% discount on their equipment to help us with the project.  There don’t appear to be any legal problems for the Rama people to cut trees on their own land (Rama Territory).  We need to plan now how to make this a […]